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AR is proud to be one of a small group of association management companies that has earned coveted accreditation status from the AMC Institute.  Accreditation is a mechanism by which the industry formally recognizes AMCs like AR that meet, operate and adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.  These stringent standards address management services and activities, resources and protections, operational policies, and contracting procedures.


The AMC Institute, working in conjunction with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has implemented a major initiative to upgrade recognition of the quality and competency of AMCs.  The ANSI/AMC Institute Standard assists AMCs in establishing their own internal quality systems and serves as the source document for the Institute’s accreditation.  This ensures that accredited AMCs have policies and procedures that support quality standards and exceptional client service in these areas:



 ·       Client Contracts


 ·       Servicing Clients


 ·       Service Evaluation


 ·       Financial Controls


 ·       Insurance Requirements

 ·       Employee Recruitment and Selection


 ·       Employee Evaluation and Training


 ·       Subcontracting Requirements


 ·       Recordkeeping Requirements

 ·        Internal Quality Control



The AMC Institute accreditation signifies that an AMC such as Association Resources has substantially invested its time and money to meet or exceed the requirements, and that they demonstrate the ability to consistently deliver high-level service to present and prospective clients.