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ARs philosophy is to proactively explain our fee structure before being asked.  We offer our clients a wide array of services for a fixed and affordable monthly management fee.  Additional services are available on an hourly basis (variable fee).  In all cases, AR maintains comprehensive time records by day, client, team member and client activity. 


Client Staffing Fees: 

For any staff-related charges, AR calculates its hourly billing rates based on the following formula below.  In all cases, the components of our management fee and hourly rates are carefully reviewed and evaluated regularly.  These components include: 


1.  All personnel-related costs such as salaries, benefits, and retirement plan, which are calculated into an hourly allocation. 


2.  Rent, utilities, insurance, maintenance contracts, taxes, furniture, and other overhead items and expenses. 


3.  AR's computers, printers, software, and telephone system.  An annual allocation is established based on the equipment's life expectancy and an hourly allocation is derived.


Clients may be provided with two types of billing for staff time: 


Fixed Monthly Fees:  Staff time spent in this category includes services and activities that are predictable.  Examples of fixed monthly fees include interaction with the association's leadership, membership and financial management.  Other activities are determined based on information supplied by the client. The predetermined fee is billed in equal monthly installments. 


Variable-Fee Management Services:  Variable-fee management services are performed on a project basis.  A program of work is determined by conducting a full needs assessment with your leadership, committee chairs and volunteers.  Milestones are set with status updates reported at predetermined intervals.  These services are billed hourly.


We bill for reimbursable expenses.  These are daily expenses required to run a professional association office and include postage, long-distance telephone calls, printing and direct mail costs that are paid for by AR and reimbursed by your association on a monthly basis.


We keep it simple so you know what you are buying and we know our responsibilities to you. We have the flexibility to tailor a program to your needs and your budget.