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Brand Building


How do you want your members, prospective members, leadership, sponsors, and the general public to see you?   Since 1983, Association Resources has been successfully directing client branding programs, working with organization leaders to develop focus, theme, and feel.


The lion's share of our branding programs is devoted to finding a client's unique selling proposition - what makes your organization valuable to the constituencies it serves.  At AR, we examine each organizational element from the website to membership cards to determine its contribution to building a compelling and enduring brand.


To ensure we are on target, we create a unique membership assessment for clients using historical data, surveys and evaluations, along with demographic and financial analysis to help us identify who prospective members are, any trends in the profession or industry that will have an impact on membership growth, and likely prospective sponsors and/or exhibitors.



Media Relations


When a media representative is researching an issue or topic, one of the first places they are likely to call on for a credible statement is an association.  If properly managed, an association's response to press inquiries will pay high dividends through a public image of stability, professionalism, and integrity.  AR provides a talented pool of staffers with vast experience in dealing with the media on hand.


Media relations are an essential part of any communications program.  At AR, we take a proactive approach to this by preparing and disseminating press releases, press packs and briefing sheets, particularly at conference trade shows.  For example, we successfully managed the response to the tremendous amount of press inquiries and requests for interviews generated by the tragedies at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University on behalf of one of our clients. 


Publications, editors, and reporters covering the conferences we manage are invited to our onsite pressrooms, where they can receive a full briefing and file their stories.  Because media relations can be a year-round job, we can also set up online pressrooms, which host general information about the organization and serve as repositories for research.



Legislative and Advocacy


Associations that achieve meaningful legislative outcomes through advocacy have the potential to deliver huge rewards to their membership.  The professionals at AR have extensive experience working with clients and their contracted lobbyists and government relations experts working at both federal and state levels. Some of our clients work with state legislatures, county, state and federal agencies, and regulatory bodies.


AR does not hire lobbyists nor have lobbyists on staff. We work with lobbyists and law firms selected by our clients only when our involvement is requested.  We do, however, manage logistics for “Capitol Hill Day” for several clients, which entails hotel and related logistics, appointment scheduling, and preparation of support materials.