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Associations exist for the sake and benefit of their members. Members fuel the association with passion for, and professional knowledge of, their common cause.  The staff at AR take this responsibility very seriously and always approach their work with the volunteers in mind. We have extensive experience in developing membership recruitment, retention, and management programs for associations of all sizes.  AR provides the vital services necessary to maintain and grow your membership pool.


We utilize the latest membership database technology, including a web-based database with the ability to maintain individual and organizational member information, including demographics and profiles while allowing real-time access for members to update their records, pay dues, register for conferences and view the member directory.  This functionality is hosted in a member-protected area. 


Experienced and professional membership coordinators on AR's staff are trained to respond to member inquiries and maintain accurate database records.  Working with our financial services group, our team can manage your membership renewal cycle, invoicing, processing of dues, acknowledgments and changes to member types.  We also process new membership applications, registrations and other transactions. 


Other AR services include collecting and maintaining your membership statistics and demographic reports, and supporting the development of effective recruitment and retention programs.


Working with your Board and committees, we provide options for best practices and implementation of programs, including:


·   Communications to members

·   E-news and newsletters

·   Annual meeting and other event marketing


We solicit member feedback and opinions through cutting-edge surveys and effective use of professional and social networking tools.


Collecting and maintaining your membership statistics and demographic reports supports the development of effective recruitment and retention programs.