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Just when we thought direct mail (snail mail as it's now referred to) was a thing of past, it's actually making a comeback.  The cost effectiveness and timeliness of e-mail has flooded everyone’s desktop.  Spam e-mail grabs the rest, making it very easy to communicate but very difficult to be heard.  We are now seeing a trend in which clients use direct mail, e-mail, website articles and social media to communicate to their audiences.  As a result, the snail is back on the team.


At AR, we have blended postal automation, production mail systems, and package shipping and tracking systems to answer any client request about the status of their direct mailing.  Before we ship, we determine if our client needs and budgets are best met by UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne or the USPS.


Our state-of-the-art mail center was designed to fully integrate with the U.S. Postal Service.  Taking advantage of their resources, we are able to standardize processes, improve workflow and reduce costs.  Our bulk presort system allows for the lowest possible postage rates available.


We have deployed both hardware and software technology into our direct mail processes.  We use Bulk Mailer 5, a full-featured, powerfully advanced system delivering superior mailing features including file management, data exchange, address quality, postal presorting, and label and envelope designer.  Using RENA DA-608 Inkjet Address/Barcode Envelope Imaging System, we can print addresses, attention lines, postal indicia, return address and postal barcodes at a rate of 14,000 addresses per hour, ensuring the rapid delivery of your mailings.


Our client databases are checked for correct addresses using VeriMove™.  The VeriMove™ system interfaces to the USPS NCOALink Change of Address (COA) database.  NCOALink provides access to 18 - 48 months worth of move information.  Using VeriMove, we can interface with this central COA database to quickly update your member data with new address information before we print and send your mail.





The AR Mail Center is a fully functional and fully staffed department facilitating local and International mailing and shipping. Our professional mailroom associates are trained in standard mailroom procedures as well as state-of-the art mail processing technology. They manage a client service area with high postal volumes in which accuracy, reliability, cost-optimization, and productivity are critically important.